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    Should I use BB Cream?

    I've looked into concealers for a period of time. I never really got the time to apply them. Does anyone have experience with this?
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    What is a BB Cream for?

    Are they like Liquid Foundation? Or am I missing something? I mean think about it. They work almost the same right? Tell me I'm wrong.
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    How to pick the right brushes?

    I have been using the cheaper brushes, but I find them unsatisfying. Is it just me? Is there anything specific that I need to take note of?
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    I just love honey, don't you?

    I just love honey, don't you? I have a family history of cholesterol. I read online articles from nutritions, that honey could help decrease cholesterol levels. That's good news for me. I bought a jar of Manuka Honey and it tastes awesome! Don't you just love honey?
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    How do I relief my backaches naturally?

    Have you experience Backaches, and you can't get rid of them? Staying In bed all day might be the cause of it—time to put exercise in your schedule and keep active. Studies show that going for walks every two to three days for a half-hour to 1-hour will suffice. So take the time to go for walks...
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    Life, What do you love about it?

    I would say I love the sea—the breeze. And also the amazing sunset that I get to see every time I walk home from work.
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    How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Helps You?

    Apple Cider Vinegar might aid in weight loss and boost skin health, but how many of you can claim that this is true?