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    My very first post

    Hi Emma! Welcome! :)
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    Hello from Newbie...!

    Hello and welcome Nicole :)
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    Do you know the best Fragrance in Summer?

    Hermes- Le Jardin de Monsieur Li Dolce &Gabbana- Light Blue
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    Newbie Introduction

    Welcome! :)
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    Hi James! Welcome to MUF :)
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    Top summer bronzing powders

    Hi EdenB, thank you for the suggestion, i'm a big fan of Fenty Beauty products... welcome to the forum!
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    What Makeup Removal Products Are You Using?

    Please do not links to products, mentionning the name is enough :) Are you from Japan?
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    Hair Straighteners- Amika

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Amika and welcome to the forum :)
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    Hello Melba and Welcome to MUF :)
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    Prada Resort 2020 New York

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    Prada Resort 2020 New York

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    Crediting Rules: posting the source/credits for an image, article or news story

    General Crediting Rules: All credits need to be visible – making credits in white, which makes it harder for the moderators to see, is not acceptable. If you forget to credit your pictures, you can edit your post to include credits. Please do not post links in credits Please name the site...
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    Christian Dior Resort 2020 Marrakech

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    Your VERY FIRST Designer Bag

    What was YOUR VERY FIRST designer bag? :)
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    Forum Rules - Please Read

    As an active member of the Makeup Forum, we expect you to do three simple things at all times: 1. Respect Others • Refrain from using offensive language. • Be polite to your fellow members. • Respect other individuals and their beliefs (religious, cultural, moral, etc.). • Respect...