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    best Makeup artist online booking App

    Same. Is there a location restriction on the app? I can't seem to download it.
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    Eye Kajal And Liners

    Would always love to go the natural way, I like most the natural eyeliner style. Would definitely try Kajal then, thanks for sharing!
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    Best Nail Polish Remover

    Nowadays, a lot of women prefer to have their nails done with a gel nail polish because its lasts long compared to the ordinary one. So how is this different from a gel nail polish remover? Or does this regular nail polish remover have the same purpose as to a gel nail polish remover? Please...
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    Green Detox Smoothie For Weight Loss

    The ingredients are a bit complicated but would still love to try it. Thanks for sharing!
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    What are the best makeup tips for beginners?

    There's really nothing about makeup in the link.
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    What's Your Favorite Mascara?

    I love the L'Oréal Voluminous Original Mascara, it actually improves as it dries out. A tube will last longer than others I’ve tried in the past.
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    Is makeup remover bad for your skin?

    I agree. I’ve been using makeup remover wipes and similar products over the course of my whole life and I’ve tended to look over the fact that they sometimes irritated the sensitive skin around my eyes, or left my cheeks unnaturally dry.
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    Brushes vs Beautyblender

    I personally recommend a beauty blender, as it was designed to damp surface that allows makeup to go on smoother for an airbrushed finish.
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    Fan video for NYX cosmetics

    Don't get me wrong, I love the NYX cosmetic brand but every time I try to use and apply it on my skin or face, my allergies would come up. I tried using other cosmetic brand and had no problems and allergies whatsoever would arise. What do you think is that?
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    Life, What do you love about it?

    Life in general makes me love life!
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    Menstrual cup

    Simply put that most menstrual cups are environmentally friendly, it offers excellent leak protection and can save you money over time.
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    Newbie Greeting!

    My name's Amber, I am new to this community and this is my first post. ;) I'd like to learn more and share my knowledge and expertise about health, skincare, and beauty. I hope to have a great time here! :)