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    What are the new summer makeup tips and tricks to follow?

    With summer comes a lot of restrictions on applying makeup as your body releases sweat and heat. Minimal makeup is the latest makeup trend 2021. Here are few summer makeup tips and tricks you can follow: 1. Use a light base to clear the skin. 2. Put the waterproof and smudge-proof...
  2. E

    What is/are your favorite makeup products?

    Hi! I make a video on the topic of makeup cosmetics. Tell me, please, to create a personal home cosmetics bag, what are your favorites? Interested in the mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss that you like. I will be grateful for the help, because I did not use their products myself
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    Are you tired of having to spend money on cosmetics every month? Take advantage of this opportunity to win $1000 Worth of MAC Cosmetics. Enter today for your chance to win! Prize can also be awarded as Gift Card! ENTER GIVE AWAY HERE !!! We are also offering Runner up Giveaways of a Choice...
  4. pamelafoester

    Are You Looking for the Best Makeup Accessories?

    Hello Everyone, I have researched and written a post about the "Best Makeup Accessories" If you would like to read my post then visit: The Best Makeup Accessories I have covered up most of the useful makeup accessories and tips for using it! If you have any suggestions to include in this post...
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    Pick the Non-Laser Tattoo Removal for Best Results.

    If we consider laserless tattoo removal, people who do not know this treatment often hesitate to choose it. But Non-Laser Tattoo Removal treatment with safe and documented results is available at Linda Paradis Group. We have invented authenticated and patented solutions for non-invasive tattoo...
  6. A

    Will Using Careprost Eye Drop Make My Eyelashes Longer?

    Hello, my wedding is organized in February. I am very worried about my appearance right now. I have been using mascara for a long time. that's why my eyelashes fall out. I don't like using false eyelashes. Many people have told me that the use of the Careprost eye drop will grow your eyelashes...
  7. G

    Amazing reusable makeup pads!

    A few weeks ago I got myself some reusable makeup pads. I have never tried reusable makeup pads before and to be honest I was a bit skeptical! But I am pleasantly surprised how well they work!
  8. Thursday Makeup Look

    Thursday Makeup Look

    Pretty purple
  9. Wednesday Makeup Look

    Wednesday Makeup Look

    It’s a neutral kind of day!
  10. Tuesday Makeup Look

    Tuesday Makeup Look

    Cool coral spring /summer makeup
  11. Monday Makeup Look

    Monday Makeup Look

    Makeup products used
  12. Sunday Makeup Look

    Sunday Makeup Look

    Makeup products used
  13. Sephora VIB Sale

    Sephora VIB Sale

    Part 2
  14. Sephora VIB Sale Spring 2019

    Sephora VIB Sale Spring 2019

    Part 1 of the Sephora VIB Sale