Crediting Rules: posting the source/credits for an image, article or news story


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General Crediting Rules:

All credits need to be visible
– making credits in white, which makes it harder for the moderators to see, is not acceptable.

If you forget to credit your pictures, you can edit your post to include credits.

Please do not post links in credits

  • Please name the site where you found the images. Site names need to be spelled out in full, not abbreviated.
  • Clickable urls (do not type a site name with http:// or www. in it, or it will become a "clickable url" / link) and/or links in lieu of a site name are not acceptable.
  • If the extension is not ".com" please add the extension (for example, ".it" or ".net", etc.).
Include Account names - If you are posting images or writings from personal accounts, such as instagram, twitter, flickr , facebook, etc., the name of the account holder must be included. These users deserve credit too. Please keep this in mind when saving/uploading information and pictures from these sites ... always provide the account holder's name.

RE: Private pictures from Instagram, Facebook, etc. - Please respect other people's privacy when you have access to anyone's "private" site (a site where you must be a "friend" before you can have access). Also consider the content of the images and if they seem private it might be best to refrain from sharing them on a public site. Pictures (private or otherwise) from any social network may be removed without any further explanation, at the moderator team's discretion.