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We are surrounded by dust and pollution. These things attack our skin, hair, and health on a daily basis. While we have an array of solutions for our skin, we often end up ignoring our hair and do not go beyond the usual oiling, washing, and conditioning. But, the fact is, just like your skin needs deep cleansing, your hair also needs deep conditioning and treatment. There are various types of hair spas available for the same. Getting hair spas done at regular intervals not only makes your hair better, softer, and shinier, but also creates a protective barrier against pollution and other environmental aggressors.


There are various types of hair spas available at salons. While most of them are directed towards nourishing and polishing hair for long-lasting smoothness and shine, each of them have specific characteristics as well. These are targeted towards certain hair concerns, and when done on a regular basis, prove to be very efficient in getting rid of said hair concern.


What is the usual procedure for a hair spa?​

Any hair spa follows the same three-step basic procedure:

  • Oil massage to help stimulate blood flow
  • Steam to let the oil seep in deeper and condition the hair
  • Hair wash and masking to lock in the moisture and nutrients in
Apart from these, there may be additional steps in the form of serum application, especially for targeted concerns such as dandruff or even itchy scalps. But more or less, these are the steps that are followed.

To know more information that actually works visit the link given below.
5 Types of Hair Spa to Make your Hair Shine Again


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