Easy Tutorials on How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro


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How to apply eyeliner remains to be the most asked beauty query out there. Is it really so tough to get it right? Well, the answer probably is yes, especially if you are a beauty beginner. This gorgeous makeup look sure needs patience, practice and skills to get it right and on-fleek. But don’t worry as you can definitely be a pro at mastering the perfect eyeliner look and get it right each damn time.


1. Dot it down​

If you wish to sport a winged liner, extend the dots to the outer corner of your eyes. Once you’ve drawn the dots (and are happy with your dummy liner), simply go on connecting them to create an outline across the lid. Top it off with a liquid liner to darken it and finish the look.

2. Start from the outer edge​

It will make it easier for you to draw a fine and stable liner. Close your eyes and start by making a tiny wing. Next join the wing along the lash line of your upper lid all the way to the inner corner of your eyes. Keep your hands steady and work in small strokes to get it right.

3. Draw and fill​

Take your liquid liner or pen liner and mark the point on the centre of your lid till where you want your liner to go. Next, draw eyeliner joining that point to the edges of your lid.

4. Trace the lash line​

Hold the liner and close your eye. Trace the lash line and darken it with applying your liner in in small strokes. It is the simplest way to get a natural look and a smooth line along your lash line. Finish the look by filling in the corner of your eyes and smoothening out the line wherever it seems uneven.

5. Use a sneaky tool​

Simply apply liner on the open ends of bobby pin or tweezers and place it on the outer edges of your eye to trace the wing. Fill in and join it along the lash line. Or, place a piece of scotch tape on the outer corner of your eyes. Make sure it is slant and is joining your lower lash line. Draw the wing using it as a stencil and work it towards the inner corners, lining your lids like a pro.

For a beginner, pen eyeliner is always easier to work than a gel or liquid liner. Working a gel or liquid liner needs skills and precision which you get only after practice. To achieve the perfect stroke the first time, use pen eyeliner.

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Easy Tutorials on How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro
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