Everything about Clip- In Remy Hair Extensions: Best Hair Extensions of 2021

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To fully understand Clip-in Remy hair extensions, it is necessary to understand the term “Remy hair” firstly. Remy hair extensions are actual raw hair extensions that have been collected from one or more than one donor when the cuticle of the hair is still intact (the hair is arranged in a certain direction from top to bottom). As a consequence, Remy hair extensions are durable and can be curled, bleached, and colored several times with the optimum results.

Clip-in Remy hair extensions are Remy hair extensions clipped into position with small clips on top of the hair extensions.

The Outlook of Clip-In Remy Hair

  • Smooth and shiny: Remy hair extensions are thick, smooth, and glossy, and when used in a clip-in form, all of the attractive qualities of virgin hair become highlighted. Clip-in Remy hair extensions mix nicely with your natural hair, making the extensions appear to be your natural hair. Moreover, Clip-in Remy hair extensions are the ideal choice for those who have hair loss problems!
  • Small and light waves of threads: Clip-in Remy hair extensions are often woven with threads of different sizes, and the weaves are often small and very light, thus creating a natural feeling, without causing headaches or discomfort when using.
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