Expert Guide on Face Mapping for Acne and Tips to Deal with Breakouts


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Face mapping for acne, to be precise, is the science of identifying and locating breakout clusters on certain parts of your face and what it means. This helps a dermat, or even you at home, to figure out the cause behind your acne flare-ups and then choosing a course of action to deal with it.

How to map your face for acne?​

All you need to do is tie your hair back and sit in the front of the mirror to examine your face. The mapping will be done based on which part of your face has the most concentrated acne clusters, what does it mean and how to deal with it. Let’s begin…

1. Forehead:​

If your acne is concentrated on the forehead, along the hairline and the sides of your temples, it indicates puberty-triggered oily skin, dandruff on the scalp and an improper hair care routine. According to Dr. Rashmi, “The best way to deal with this is to keep your face and scalp clean. As for your hair routine, limit your use of styling gels, and conditioner build-up should be taken note of. Even your weekly champi might be causing folliculitis breakouts.”

2. T-zone:​

The T-zone also comprises your forehead, but here we want to focus on the nose, the mid- cheeks and the centre triangle of your face, which is the oiliest area. Excessive oiliness in this area can lead to clogging of pores, skin inflammation and breakouts. “Acne in this region is also a form of familial acne, which means the people in your family have the same kind of acne, making it genetic in nature. The area also develops rosacea, which is more of inflammation (redness) than an infection,” said Dr. Rashmi.

3. Jawline:​

The jawline is where you notice cystic and painful acne flare-ups. They can extend down to your upper neck, all over your cheek and are especially painful and irritating on the chin. This is the window to so many things happening inside you. “A starting sign of PCOS, indicates thyroid disturbance, male and female hormonal balance and insulin resistance. In addition to acne, indications also include hair fall, weight gain, pigmentation on the neck, and difficulty in losing weight,” she explains.

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Expert Guide on Face Mapping for Acne and Tips to Deal with Breakouts
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