How Apply False Eyelashes Correctly On Yourself


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Applying false eyelashes can be a tough job for some of you and you should know how to apply it correctly otherwise you will end up messing all your eye makeup and may go frustrated.

You can follow the following steps to Apply Eyelashesh On Yourself without any Mess.

  1. Gently remove the eyelashes from its case
  2. Give It a 'C' shape with the help of your fingers
  3. Measure the size of the eyelash and cut it as per the length of your eyes.
  4. Curl your natural lashes with a curler
  5. Apply mascara to the natural eyelashes.
  6. Apply glue on the false eyelashes
  7. Stick the false eyelash on the top of your natural lashes carefully.
  8. Apply the mascara again to get a final look.
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