How To Be a Fashion Fitting Master


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Once in the fitting room, looking in the mirror is very important. Don't worry, take photos slowly, paying attention to how you feel and how the clothes you are trying on affect your posture. Does that jacket make you stand upright and assume a powerful posture, or does it make you curl into a ball like a scent of wallflowers? What message does the clothes convey? How do you feel? In short, remember that you now have to choose clothes according to the new standard, and choose clothes according to the perfect 10 points. The evaluation must be ruthless, but you must also trust your intuition.

For a single product, try three matching methods as much as possible. For each item, two or three matching methods must be thought of. Can the tunic be matched with a pair of jeans, a belt and a pair of flat shoes, or with a pair of tights, or with a pair of fitted pants and a pair of high heels, or with a pair of tights and a pair of boots in winter? very suitable? Sounds like a winner in a dressing game. A T-shirt with a short skirt and canvas shoes, or a pair of jeans and a small suit on the outside? The whole is very stylish.

Make sure that expensive clothes are worth the money we spend. Is there any other way to match pants set? If you don't want to buy expensive clothes, ask the shopping guide for help and ask them to recommend some clothes that match them. If your clothing store is a relatively high-end clothing store, you don't need to buy it there. You can buy cheaper clothes elsewhere and turn the pants into a pair of versatile pants.