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Time to talk about how to dress for the gym, too. There is no place that excites me more than the gym. You must think you can wear whatever you want in the gym (yoga class or park). Totally wrong! Because on these occasions, your future husband, your next client, or your future best friend might be right next to you and be scared away by you. Gyms are a great place to make friends, and one of my clients got a lot of clients in upscale gyms in New York. Even if you don't like socializing when you're sweating, I'm a firm believer that whenever we show up in public in clothes that feel bad, it affects our mood. Oversized ripped jeans won't make you look depressed, but you won't look radiant and energetic. Especially when you're walking into a room that's so body-conscious, wearing clothes that make you feel awkward and insecure can definitely affect how you feel. Looking beautiful and knowing that you are beautiful makes your steps more vigorous, and is likely to make you the center of attention on your first trip to the gym. All I'm talking about is dressing for the life you want. As for being in the gym, that means dressing for the body you desire. Some fitness outfits are fresh and clean, with exotic materials, from today's savvy women's tights masters, and to show off your figure, these are the factors that encourage you to go to the gym. Since I feel very deeply about this topic, I have summarized the gym dressing philosophy into a list of what to do and what not to do, namely:
1. Don't wear your boyfriend's, husband's, brother's, or other men's clothes to go to the gym. This is the most important rule, be sure to put it at the top of the list, I hope it will help you.
2. If you're not a high school or college student, don't go to the gym wearing your high school or college clothes.
3. Do not wear clothes that are too large for exercise.
4. Do not exercise in the clothes you usually wear when cleaning your room or washing your car.
5. Don't wear clothes that don't match, and don't wear clothes with exaggerated color combinations. (Clown academy graduates do sports in big tents.)
6. Don't wear worn-out sneakers or T-shirts with yellowed armpits.
7. Wear shaper pants and leggings.
8. Find a blouse that fits well and accentuates your figure, and buy one in every color. (If you're not someone with a naturally athletic physique, a sweatshirt isn't the most flattering outfit. Choose a sleek, slim top that accentuates a woman's curves.)
9. Be proud of your fitness look, Just like you're proud of your other outfits, this new look will also make you look very refreshed.
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