How to Remove Mink Lashes?


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Mink lashes have gained a lot of popularity worldwide because of the thicker and fuller look that it provides to your lashes. These lashes are basically made up of the minks’ fur or hair. Mink is a small semiaquatic animal that has soft fur. Many lashes vendors are manufacturing these mink eyelashes, but at LamyLash, the fur is collected and washed when minks fall their hair every year, which is cruelty-free. The eyelash extensions, no doubt, are one of the fastest and easiest ways to glam up your look and make your lashes appear fuller, but they can damage your natural lashes if not removed properly. This is why it is important for all those ladies who use eyelash extensions frequently to learn how to remove these lashes without causing any harm to your natural lashes as well as your eyes.