Power of Good Dress


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You have already known the power of how to dress well. Every woman knows it. When you get out of the room, good attire will make you feel good. You don't need to spend the rest of the day looking in the mirror, taking selfies and thinking about the clothes you are wearing. You just need to start working, feel that you are beautiful, plus the leap, and other people will notice you. You also don't know if it is because you are a little bit more confident, or if the whole world is smiling at you, and this day passed by inexplicably.

Your institution can just prove the evidence of the influence of well-dressed. This is also scientifically based. Studies have shown that those who are generally considered attractive are more likely to succeed in interviews, have more opportunities to get upgrades first, and are even more likely to be assigned to the best table in the entire restaurant. For this phenomenon, scientists usually emphasize the indescribable characteristics of facial symmetry and "beauty", but ignore that clothing presents your natural beauty to a certain extent, which deeply affects your day's harvest.

This is the power of good clothes, and it can be even stronger.

For me, dressing up is completely fun, but I have seen many people feel distressed about dressing up. The topic of dressing up is very worrying and emotional, and it is so personal and profound. However, dressing is usually considered to be a simple problem, and there is a simple way to deal with it, that is, stylized makeup plus constant shopping.

The notion that just spending money on clothes can improve the taste of the wardrobe is a big mistake. Although I think that every woman needs some basic ideas to run her wardrobe efficiently and practically, but I also think that most clothing style problems are caused by internal reasons. These problems stem from our long-standing attitude towards defects, whether they are physical or mental defects. These problems stem from fear, including fear of being noticed, fear of being ignored, and fear of change, aging, progress, and responsibility. These problems stem from our confusion about ourselves and the different roles we play in our lives.

Why does the topic of dressing up make most people so worried and emotional? First of all, literally speaking, clothes give us protection, and it is our second skin. Clothes cling to our real skin, inevitably triggering many thoughts about image, self-worth, confidence and identity. Clothes also truly hide our vulnerable heart.

Clothes are a bridge connecting our private and inner world with the public and outer world. Clothes are cloaks of change, with symbolic power. This power acts on us in two ways. It not only deeply affects our sense of self, but also tells us how strangers, acquaintances, and loved ones see us. Compared to our other objects, clothing has the power to define our identity.