What are the best makeup tips for beginners?


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The best makeup tips for beginners are as follows:
Apply foundation first
Use a cat liner style for a go-to look
scrub or exfoliate your lips before applying lipsticks
go for an easy eye makeup
Apply mascara and use a spoon to ensure it doesn't smudge
One of the best makeup tips is to never apply makeup without cleansing and toning
First curl your lashes and then apply mascara
Never sleep with makeup on
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Few makeup tips that all the beginners can follow are:

Know you skin type whether it is Oily, Dry or neutra
Make sure to use moisturizer before applying any makeup to keep your skin hydrated
Use sunscreen, always.
Avoid using all the products at once. First learn how makeup product are applied.
And one of the most important rule that I follow is to use makeup brands that are paraben free, natural, vegan. These brands will keep your skin healthy for long period of time.
A few brands that you can opt for are:

KIRO Beauty
Sugar Cosmetics
Forrest Essential
Just Hers

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The basic beauty tips are as follows :

  • Apply Foundation Evenly
  • Conceal Dark Circles and Blemishes
  • Use an eyeliner to define the eyes.
  • Add lipstick to colour the lips
I have been using Kiro Beauty’s and Minimalist’s natural vegan and paraben free products for a while now. Minimalist’s serums boosts dermal immunity keeping your skin resilient and healthy. Coupling these with Kiro’s creamy matte lipstick, kajal liners and highlighters I have tried them all. These products have oils such as rose hip oil, argon oil, marula oil which are amazing ingredients to add to the skin care regimen. For avoiding clogged pores and exfoliation include the Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Cleanser along with a Multani mitti mask once a week for deep cleansing to keep excess oil at bay


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Do you ladies think these are good tips for beginners? https://tei.ai/vl0W9s5

I am having a hard time beginning. Also, I can't afford much. And most of the makeup I buy is drug store bought.

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